About Us

About Shubhlabh

SHUBHLABH is a full-service Media & Advertising Agency specializes in creating targeted Media plans for our clients. We help organizations from diverse industries address customer service needs across various channels like Digital Media.

Simplicity in making paid, owned and earned communications work together tunefully, while reducing wastage, Simplicity in taking data and turning it into a competitive advantage, Simplicity in helping to see the bigger picture of where and how marketing budgets should be invested.

At SHUBHLABH, we help our clients make sense of all this. And lots more.

Who We Are?

Hello. We are SHUBHLABH, the Content + Connections + Media Agency.

We believe that everything is connected. And that means A Media Agency has to think and operate in an entirely new way. So new that we don't even call ourselves a Media Agency anymore. We call ourselves The Content + Connections + Media Investment Agency.

That's our shorthand way of saying that we have a unique approach to planning and buying across paid, owned and earned media, which can optimize our client's entire system of content and connections not just the individual channel silos within them. For us 'content' is the fuel for high performing communications system. It refers to any forms of consumer messaging that connect brands with their consumers. 'Connections' is how we guide the content around the system. It's about having a closed-loop distribution strategy. Ensuring there are no dead ends or wastage.

‘Investment' is how we negotiate with our media connections to get proper returns of our Media plan. We do this by taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture, designing the content with connection and investment in mind. We call this systems Thinking and its proven to transform communications effectiveness.

We are an agency obsessed with technology mainly for A Digital World.